Brain function

Let’s keep this thing rolling. I got an angry email saying that it’s not fair to pull the Swedish card and write in a different language than English. Too bad for you, easy for me. Here is the summary: Race season is coming up and the real training started. Looking forward to new challenges but fearing the waves in the Baltic. There you go, saved you a few minutes.

Let’s talk about the brain. I’ve always been a fan of movement in combination with kids and learning. I truly believe that you need to move and play in different ways to learn and get your brain wired right. And kids need challenges, they can’t just do what they like and are good at. That’s a reason why I love PE in Sweden, recess time and teachers and parents thinking outside the box. It’s awesome to bring kids outside to the playground but how about the woods or your back yard where you can climb, walk and jump on uneven surfaces and work on your balance and use new muscles. Ice skating, skiing, running, jumping etc as well as moving your body inside during actual school time. We need to surprise the kiddos brains not just let them do what they know and not what is easiest for the adults. Keep the brain guessing, develop and keep fire those wires. And the little movements and brain games counts as well. Eye hand foot coordination, concentration, talking but also listening, taking instructions, I truly believe it’s all connected. To hear the melody when someone reads out loud. To know how it’s supposed to sound before kids are old enough to make the sound. I think it’s a bad sign to see that kids have issues with holding a pen and finding it really difficult to write on a piece of paper. I love computers but if you miss that step you’re not doing the brain a favor, your leaving blanks that will come back and bite you on the tail. That playtime when kids use their fingers, hands and bodies, is there for a reason, it’s a step in their development and that will help reading, writing and connecting the dots. If they move, they train the brain and have easier to learn. This is basics. How come the trend is the opposite in the schools 2017?

And then we grow up and forget about movement every day and in different environments. Adults need movement too. Not just because it’s good for your body to move around, good for your heart and that muffin top of yours. The blood flow in your body needs to be pumped up bit, you need to get your heartrate up every day to feed and develop your brain. The brain. We always talk and check our heart but forget about the brain. Will your brain shut down a little bit every year and do you have the brain that you get when you grow up? Oh boy, that is so wrong. The brain can develop and the more you use it the more it develops, those wires gets stronger and sends even better signals. And apparently this development strengthens when you get some exercise… who knew 😉 So exercise and learning goes hand in hand. Even for adults.  

I’ve always thought that cognitive training helps your brain to stay on top of things. How many times have you heard that Sudoku and crosswords will train your brain to stay young? That is so 2005. The new thing is movement. A combination of endurance training and strength training – that’s the new thing. If you train regularly your brain will thank you and remember and learn new things.

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