Stay at home

We have been in quarantine for 3 weeks and counting. This is the 4th week working from home. Days and weeks pass, and I have no idea what day it is. It feels like March has been going on for 7 weeks. We have our routine and I am happy we have dogs, so we get to go out from the house for walks. It seems like the social distancing and stay at home is working for Washington. The streets are dead and it’s a ghost town. From what we have heard it has slowed down a little bit. The hospitals are still swamped, and many are still dying but you get the feeling it’s more under control.

I follow the Swedish news from here and we are of course worried for our loved ones back there. Not much to say about that. I read a column this morning that I thought was worth reading.

My plan was to read even more than usual, watch all those series and movies I never have time to watch, clean out every single closet and deep clean the kitchen. What is happening around here in reality? The kids all have online classes and they are all busy with homework, lectures, exams. B is mostly in the office upstairs working. His days are longer than ever. I don’t get much done.

We bake, every single day. Blueberry pie, carrot cake, cinnamon rolls, bread, chocolate cake, crackers… everything you can imagine. And we cook food. All the time. We treat every meal like it’s our last or at least like a fancy Saturday. Set the table, light candles and eat for hours, play board games and mix drinks. When it’s dark and late we move a little, clean the kitchen and go to bed. And nothing happened in the cleaning department that day. The closets are still a mess. And I don’t think I have watched one movie yet.

I’ve never been good with planning meals in advance. I usually go to the store every day, spending way too much money on food. Getting takeout if I feel like it, a fancy fish if that’s what I want. The only thing that is planned around here now are the meals. We are making chicken tortilla soup tonight and I possibly dessert after. Pasta with lots of good stuff in it tomorrow and beef tacos the day after. Something good has come out of this mess. We have avocados, cilantro, chips, fancy ice cream, cheeses… we are good.

The one thing we cleaned out first week was the garage. We dug out the treadmill and set up the tri bike on the trainer. Got some kettlebells, bands and some basic stuff out from the over filled shelfs. Caroline’s hang board is out from hiding behind spider web. The golf simulator is being used by more than one now. I try to get a workout in every day but it’s not all that fun anymore. I write up big post it notes with long chippers, intervals, metcons that are being used by other people. It seems like we are all going out there for some alone time, away from the rest of the family. Speaker on and door closed. I’m happy we have a backyard for the dogs to roam around and I can’t wait for the sun to return at the end of this week. I don’t know how many burpees I have done or how many 800m intervals that’s been run on the treadmill. The 35lbs kettlebell gets swung up and around yet it feels like I’m getting weaker every day. Maybe all the food planning is getting to me.

I am happy that I am a runner. I can get my runners on and sneak out for an hour or two in the neighborhood. And I got a new pair of running shoes in the mail a few days ago, best thing that happened that day. But I miss hiking, I miss going to the woods, I miss the crisp air on a mountain top, the rainy days in the woods. Things I’ve been taken for granted. The alone time in nature. That’s the thing, I miss my outdoor time, running and walking around the neighborhood is not that exciting. And a pedicure and haircut would be nice. I haven’t worn makeup in a month, and I misplaced my good hairbrush but who cares.

I’m grateful for fantastic kids, annoying dogs and virtual friends. We have happy hour every Friday, chatting away for an hour or so. Clinking our glasses together but far away.

Stay at home, stay healthy, wash your hands.

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