Vegetables and water

Another month in quarantine passed, we are getting close to a full year (or is it a decade?) of social distancing and isolation. I lost count of weeks, months, and sleeps. I think we are getting close to 9500 days. Life is slow, we are all getting used to a new pace and not many social interactions in everyday life. Life is not too bad, but I must admit it is a bit boring and sluggish. A drive that usually takes 30 minutes is down to 10. We have had a gradual re-opening, restaurants started up again with lower capacity, stores opened, gyms ran with smaller numbers, museums re-opened with a lot of social distancing. You get used to waiting outside and calling to be let in. I have had my temperature taken so many times the past months, and it is always 97.1F. Then the election happened, yada yada…. fake news, lies, craziness… and then a sigh of relief. And then the Covid19 numbers started to move up, and more up, and it was time for a new closedown. So, we are back to more isolation, outdoor workouts, and not even meeting your pod of quarantine buddies just in time for Thanksgiving. How on earth will we finish a +15lbs turkey with sides on our own. The weather is getting a bit more challenging, the sky is mostly dark, it is windy, wet, and muddy. My runs are slower and do not happen as often as before. The Peloton, our friend in the cold garage has more mileage then my running shoes. I am grateful for our new friend; I believe the dark months will get more bearable with Pelle Petronella Puccini Peloton.             

Online shopping is big around here. I must admit that I am a big part of that too. There are delivering trucks dropping by our house not every day but too often. Not so many unnecessary things, mostly food items, dog stuff and maybe a pair of shoes or two. Well, dill chips, cheese doodlez and lingongrova are not really necessities but all is fair in love and war (or isolation). I got a bit annoyed this morning watching the news. They showed the best, cheap deals (crappy stuff) to buy for the holidays. Polyester ponchos, fleece blankets, plastic kitchen stuff, skincare, scented candles… I know it is easy to just click and buy some cheap stuff from the big company starting with an A. Easy retail happiness that will pass incredibly fast. Not very lasting. And at the same time, I got 4 different invites to do a holiday $10 online gift exchange from different friends. The thought is fantastic, that you and your friends will get a bunch of small gifts coming during December and cheer you up. But seriously, do you really need to add on to the mountain of garbage in the world with a bunch of stuff you really do not need or want?  

The quarantine is not only stressing our regular systems, but also messing up everything from food to sleep and work life balance. We decided to track our water and vegetable/fruit intake, so we drink and eat the right stuff. I know we all eat enough but do we really eat the right things? Of course not! And we do not drink water, the fluids are less clear.  This past week’s dinners have been fabulous, colorful, and rich of vegetables. Today’s dinner consisted of pasta with smoked salmon, peas, spinach, chives, capers, lemon and Dijon and a salad on the side. Yesterday, roasted tomato soup and ciabatta. We will see how long it lasts.      

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