Life and the world are still upside down and extremely limited. We are more than isolated from the rest of the world but on the other hand work, friends, exercise and so on happens in your home. It basically invaded your home, life, and emotions. Our house is busy and quite boring. There are closed doors and meetings going on in every room. Loud voices, headphones, coffee cups, water bottles, post its and restless legs. Too much screen time, not enough outside time. Outside time!! The most exciting here this week was a killed rat by the youngest dog. I know, disgusting… and one more vaccine for him…

The word resilience pops up when I think of 2020. The ability or capacity to recover from difficulties. Toughness and flexibility. Hardiness and adaptability. We all need a sense of meaning and a sense of context. To thrive and live we need to feel that our life is manageable and apprehensible. I am usually on top of my game here, I do believe that I have a resilient brain. But I also think that this year has been extremely cruel to a lot of people. Change is a part of life and the goal is to manage it efficiently. Positive thoughts and optimism are a choice. Sometimes you must focus on the good things.

People, human beings are social creatures, we are supposed to be in group constellations. Maybe not all the time but often, or at least every now and then, and this isolation is not doing us much good. There are things that we humans miss when we do not interact with each other. As a parent, teacher, principal… I know for a fact that kids need other kids to interact socially, grow, learn, and develop. I do believe it is the exact same thing with adults. Even if you are tall, educated and fully grown, and in your forties or fifties, you still need other people to integrate and work with, talk, hug and laugh. Life is a constant learning opportunity, we grow, work on our social skills, learn about other people and their life, get more knowledge of things around us, at work and at home. We all need to work on our emotional intelligence and some more than others. Positive relationships, mindfulness, communication, you know all the good stuff is important. But ability to make plans, solve problems, and manage difficult emotions, that is just as important. We need to surround ourselves with other human beings, interact and be moved in many ways. And to write something obvious… physical activity and your health… we all know it is the most important thing. Not going to point it out one more time… you know, right…. Your brain will thank you.

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