13 miles, new playlist and sunshine

After a really slow morning drinking too much coffee, a few phone calls and lots of newspaper reading I decided to go for a short run. I have a sinus infection that really likes me and wants to stick around forever. My head feels like it’s wrapped up in bubble wrap and I swore that my eyes almost popped out a couple of days ago. I got some wonder meds from my excellent doctor a couple of days ago and I think I can see the light on the other side, the end of the tunnel. This stuff is so good I think I will grow chest hair and a beard, but it is totally worth it!

Put my shoes on and took off. My plan was to run to Bridal Trails and back, easy 4 miles just to get some air. Well I am back, two hours and around 13 miles later. What a beautiful day! Fluffy clouds and squirrels. 

Great music in my ears for a change, I didn’t want to hear my own heavy breathing.

Mile 0.75 – Almost hit by a gospel guy in a white minivan on 132nd. He didn’t see me, I didn’t see him. Not even a bruise, we exchanged smiles, thumbs up and went in different directions. I realized that I left my RoadID at home, my running buddy. After a little incident last year, waking up in a ditch in Bridal Trails, I promised myself to always wear a RoadID. Forgot it today and happy that the car missed me. Seize the day and Highway man – Hoffmaestro

Mile 1.25, passing the scary Pitbull house (mud pit), still on 132nd. I am so sure that those two dogs will chew thru the fence one day. Oh Boy – Miss Li


Mile 1.75. Waiting at the traffic light and started to chat with a woman in a wheelchair. Gave her a push to Great Clips for a haircut. One leg and one arm, felt like she would roll around in circles and needed some help. And I am complaining about a tiny sinus problem. Suck it up! This is the day for a long run! Decided to run to the lake and back. Take on me – A-HA, Paradise City – Guns N’Roses, The boys of summer – Don Henley (The boys of summer must be the best runningsong ever)

Mile 2.25. Downhill, passing lots and lots of flowers and bushes (Ölandstok and Clivia in Swedish) and a guy in a dark blue Chrysler convertible waves. Have no clue who he was. But Hi back! I’m a believer – Smash Mouth

Passing Microsoft campus and getting closer to Idylwood Park. Met the very old ultra running spandex guy at Idylwood, haven’t seen him for long time. He looked the same in his spandex. Left my sunglasses on when we said hi, didn’t want to lose my cool ;)  Ma direction – Sexion D’assaut, We built this city – Starship, American Land – Bruce Springsteen

Mile 6. Sitting down on a rock and having a “it is not you, it is me” conversation with my shoes. I have a favorite pair of shoes that needs to be retired after two marathons. I bought a new pair, same shoes but different color and we are not friends. Thinking about running barefoot the rest of the way but decided to give them another chance. Whistle – Flo Rida, Line of fire – E-Type and The Poodles, Can’t stop this thing we started – Bryan Adams


Mile 7. West Lake Sammamish Parkway, bad idea and lots of traffic, bikes everywhere. Marymoor and more bikes. Saw a couple walking their cat, CAT. Really. Wake up people, cats are not made for walking on a leash. Met another couple along the trail with two very tiny, shivering dogs in a stroller. The dogs had matching outfits. No! That is so wrong! Cryin’ – Aerosmith, Detroit Rock City – Kiss, Radio Ga Ga – Queen

Mile 8-9 something. I am thirsty but it can’t be more than 4-5 miles left. Chin up, Redmond is a nice little town. The lady is a tramp – Bennett/Gaga, Some nights – Fun., Call your girlfriend – Robyn, This is my life – Edward Maya, En man i byrån – Lill Lindfors.

11 miles. Need to get up the hill and back home, Redmond Way, 148th, Grass Lawn. Passing an old neighbor and turn back. She hugs me. Not cool!! Not cool!!! I have a purple face and my tank top is transparent from sweat. I don’t hug after running more than 10 miles. I take off. Evighet – Carola, Balada – Gusttavo Lima, Run to the hills – Iron Maiden, Hun tog min guitar – Muri o Mario

12 miles. Bridal Trails and almost home. Feels really good, maybe I should take a little detour. Get a call from home wondering when I am coming home. Told them I would be back after 30 minutes but been away for almost 1h 45 min. Vindaloo – Fat Les, Campione 2000 – E-Type, 25- Oskar Linnros 

Really hungry! Had breakfast at 8am, it’s 2pm. When I stop at the traffic light at 85th my tummy makes a really angry noise. Perfect gentleman – Wyclef Jean, Bohemian Rahpsody – Queen, I’m so happy I can’t stop crying – Sting, Het is een nacht – Guus Meeuwis

Water, food and coffee. Lovely day! I think I like this running thing.


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