2 thoughts on “Sofia 12

  1. Mary Lamb

    Charlotte, Min man och jag är Malena Ernmans två resande Seattle fans. We are not Swedish, but we lived in Sweden for a couple of years. We grew up in Yakima, but we no longer have family there, and no reason to go there now. There are some nice parts, even with trees. Kathryn Gustafson, an eminent landscape architect, grew up in Yakima and says that her work has been influenced by the hills and the river running through the area. I agree that the downtown area is pretty bleak, but I think that the political conservatism is even more depressing.

    I’ll be following your blog with interest.

    1. Mary, How nice to hear from you! Washington is a great place to live and it is really interesting how different it can be west-east. The Seattle area really reminds me of home and people here are very welcoming.

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