Sitting back, leg up and checking emails. It’s complicated. I got a new computer again. I picked up my old one from the floor the other day and heard a little pop and the screen cracked. Like pop rocks. A very silent but crisp pop. The touch screen got nuts. Just like that. So here I am with a new wonder. A bit smaller but with a better keyboard. All good. The problem is always the clicking thingy before you get used to it and my emails are getting sent and trashed before I even have time to blink. It’s a big problem. I have to ask the kids to come and help every time I need to do a right click. Very frustrating and I see an exchange in the near future.

I am having s bit of a problem with my imagination when it comes to food. I need new insights, new dishes to prepare, fast and easy. Or maybe take out. The last couple of days have not been fun, and too meaty. This is how the week started. Sunday, stew w beef, parsnip, celery root, mushrooms, bacon etc and lots of wine and parsley. Monday, gluten free pasta and Bolognese with beef/celery root… (lots of leftovers for a lasagna next week) Tuesday hamburgers, lots of veggies and fresh corn on the cob. Wednesday turkey balls w chili and parsley and quinoasallad, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado and yogurt sauce. Please help! Food is getting more and more boring around here and it somehow tastes the same every day. Needs to be gluten free and very little dairy, nut free, soy free and also tomato and carrot free. And no fruit except from blueberries and raspberries. Easy, right. And I need left overs for the food thermoses for school the day after since sandwiches doesn’t really count as food around here. Gluten free bread is not very yummy either. Our go to chicken w parma and fresh thymes happens too often and fajitas and tacos too. What do you eat? Every day kind of food?

My leg is doing great. Difficult to believe it’s only been a little more than week since surgery. The crutches have found their way back to the garage waiting for another adventure. I am a bit wobbly but I can feel my toes for the first time in a while. It will be very nice to leave this whole thing behind me and look for new adventures in the future. Got a nice strength work out in today and ran for 15 minutes. I even made some new friends at the gym. Older guys with old race t’s that had washed out letters and years from a long time back. The good old years. Probably even before I was born. Good times. The insight of today, my left elbow is still very weak from the stupid bike crash that happened over a year ago. So, I got some tape and made it more stable. Easy fix. Pink tape. You can fix anything with good tape. What’s next? I’ve got two good knees and all my teeth so I have all the reasons to be happy. But then I realize that I am just a regular person that shouldn’t care so much about how heavy I can lift with my arms. I should definitely think more about my work emails and not how many kilos I can lift or how many miles I can cram in this week on a wobbly leg. Perspective. If you don’t believe in karma or life after this, just wait and see what happens in your next life. No rush.

I ran 15 minutes today. My favorite time is 90-120 minutes for a regular everyday slow run. Warm up, a nice podcast to listen to, a few songs and bam, 120 minutes passed. Silence works pretty well for 120 minutes too. But I must admit that 15 minutes felt pretty good. If I add 5 minutes every day that means that I will be back in my regular routine in about two weeks. And I can probably run an ultra 2017 or maybe in the next century. And that would be easy if that’s the way it works. Every other day and a slow build will work too. Anything works as long as I can move my body forward outside. I’ll take rain or even some hail.

I am going to bed, laying my head down on my best pillow. And if I wake up because of all the barking frogs outside I am not going to get annoyed. I am just going to feel happiness in my heart for all the beautiful creatures around me. And that spring is on its way. Yup, that’s how I am going to feel. Patience. That’s my new thing.

One thought on “Update

  1. Alma

    Jag addade dig till middagsmatgruppen på FB. Den har ibland inspiration, och inte för mycket “snack”. Hoppas det var ok, annars kan du gå ur. Kram. Krya!

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