50k = 31.07miles

First of all, big fail. This #Blogg100 thing will not work for me. Who wants to blog when you don’t have anything to say… well that is usually what I do but… it’s not working. I forgot to blog yesterday despite many interesting things happening in the world yesterday. It was the last day of work for the pope. Hope he got to sleep in this morning. And Iceland wants to ban porn from the internet. Good luck with that one! Following the footsteps of North Korea, China and Iran. Not a big fan of internet porn but it sounds like a difficult task for little Iceland to change the world.

Had this strange feeling after browsing through Trader Joe’s talking to the staff today. Staff recognized me and asked about the new gluten free flour and I hear myself using words as heavy, moist and dense when I talked about piecrust and bread. Really, so this is why I took 8 years of university? No, I apparently have a $%^@ load of student loans so I can run. You see, running makes all the pain and worries go away. It is a form of meditation that leaves you feeling empty and happy, and afterwards you are totally unaware of that the world keeps spinning. Very nice as long as you remember where you parked your car and when and where to pick up your kids at the end of the day.

I met with the guru today, Superman, my very own coach (well I am aware of that he has other clients but I try to ignore that). He is very calm, nice and he is extremely positive. Always. A winning combination. Somehow he makes me think I have the ability to do all those things you see crazy people do. He must be very good at his job or completely nuts. After the very interesting Orca’s race I did with my little running group last month I said, just to be funny, let’s do a 50k. That was the only thing I could think of that could be worse than running up and down Mt Constitution. Well guess what, 50k it is. I thought about it all the way to Trader Joe’s and home and it didn’t sound bad, actually kind of nice. It is not every day you get to spend a whole day by yourself, sipping water, working on your sanity.

I came home and unpacked the bags, made a quiche, cleaned the kitchen and answered a couple of emails and then it hit me. What the @#$%??  Only crazy people run more than 26.2! I remember my last marathon, Vancouver 9 months ago. I swore I was going to sue the city of Vancouver for making the 26.2 a 26.3 race. I was convinced that they moved the finish line two minutes before I got in. I cursed and got upset and ran to the car and drove back home. 50k is 31.07 miles. Enough said.

And all this time I’ve been worried about my non swimming ability. Now I have to start worrying about running long and fast. That is ultrafantastic! I think I need a new pair of runningshoes.



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