Teanaway, WA

Figuring how to get out of unpacking boxes. It’s difficult to unpack when you don’t have closets to hide stuff in. Five people have lots of unnecessary things and we don’t seem to have enough space. It doesn’t really matter much space you have. I throw away things and other people get it back from the garbage, old posters, stuffed animals, toys no one used since we moved last time five years ago. I see a trip to IKEA in the near future to get some new furniture.

Brjann and I got out of the house early yesterday left the kids sleeping half of the day. The kids spent the day at home, catching up on homework and sleep. I saw traces of waffle making and some kind of baking with chocolate chips when I got home last night. It’s a good feeling to know that they can get around on their own, in their own little car when their parents are doing fun stuff. I spent the night trying to pretend that I watched a move. I felt so tired I completely zoned out after dinner.

Brjann took a coaching clinic at UW for a few days and seem to have had a really good weekend. Lots of good coaches from around the country.

I went to Teanaway in Eastern Washington over the day biking with the guys. I had an excellent day, nice and sunny. Unusual amount of snow to be the second half of May. Lots and lots of snow. After unloading the bikes and slowly heading up closer to the sky we met a few people prepping their skis, helmets and backpacks heading up the same way as us. Not a good sign. After getting off and on the bikes, walking over snow we decided to turn around and hit the lower trails. We got around 5 hours of biking in, some really nice trails, a few refreshing streams to cross and a few muddy parts to get over.

Beautiful surroundings, gorgeous views and another kind of scenery compared from our side of the state. Dark mountains, deep forests, sometimes dry and dusty trails and green open meadows, wildflowers, a little bit of everything.

I am pretty sure I saw something that looked like wolfs both on the way up and down the last trail of the day. A few, fury, grey doglike animals resting in the sun looking our way. We passed a few deer and for a split second I thought one of them would jump out on the gravel road while I practiced not using my breaks downhill (after Robin told me very nicely to let go of my breaks). A really nice day and good company. Lots of huffing, puffing and sweating from the woman on the BMC bike in the back. And I can’t decide what I need to work on the most, climbing uphill without losing my breath or letting go of the break downhill. It’s getting better… My legs look like I’ve run in a forest of blackberries and nettles. This is not the week to wear nice dresses and skirts.

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