Home away from home and finally back home

What can you expect when you have been a bit lazy? Sore muscles and heavy breathing. I have been running in my own slow pace for 5 weeks and more or less skipped strength training. A couple of miles when I have had time but only one decent 25km long run in over a month. Add on lack of sleep, I am still on Swedish time. It gets worse every time I fly back home, must be an age thing. 3 classes at Willows plus a long trail run and I am officially broken. I topped it off with 50 min on the rowing machine. (Only because my chiropractor told me my shoulders looked more boney than usual.) So tired and so sore. Amazingly wonderful. I really do enjoy the pain. But I think I had my personal worst performance Friday morning in class. I really tried hard, I did, but my legs kept saying geeezzz woman, go home. I usually get pushed by working out beside other people but I would easily have paid Jeremiah to let me go early from class. I guess it can only get better…

After 24 hours on American grounds I woke up 3.30 am. Almost freezing in the crazy heat. Lucky me, I had a text message from the night before asking if I wanted to meet at 6am. I sent a text back at 4am and waited. Breakfast in the dark waiting for the sun to wake up and one more cup of coffee. Shoes on and the Camelback filled with cold water. So lovely to meet after a long trip. Such a beautiful morning greeting the sun on foot. Yellow light in between the trees. Bridal Trails, talking too much, running too slow, covering 5 weeks of missed runs. So good to meet. What a treat.

I got back from Sweden Tuesday night, tired and a bit stressed from our house adventures. I had a heck of a summer. Lots of work with the house, too much actually. A really close friend of my parents had a tragic accident and passed away after four weeks of struggling, a couple of days before we left. It’s been a different summer. I had big hopes before we took off of how much I was going to get done, how I was going to fix up the house, cram in a workout every day, and meet friends and family every day of our vacation before he** breaks loose in September again.  I had big plans to be super organized and efficient. Let me tell you, the house looks great, I would love to move in there again. But it was crazy. So much work but such a great feeling to finish. Hopefully a nice family will find the keys to our perfect townhouse.

Just got home from another great run with old and new friends. Not sure if I would recommend Squak Mt for an easy Sunday run but my legs got a great work out going up that beautiful hill. Really dark and foggy before the sun woke up and cleared the air. Washington sure is a great place to live!

Time for new adventures! Ironman, 50k, swimming across the Atlantic ocean… time for a new goal! Keep breathing! Send me some ideas!

2 thoughts on “Home away from home and finally back home

  1. Carolina

    What about some sleep and a lunch with the girls before all those crazy races? I’m glad you’re back, bienvenida a casa!

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